Dear Shareholders,

I am pleased to inform you that the board of directors has appointed Eric Chen as additional company secretary of HTL. This appointment is effective from 1 March 2023.

Eric Chen has been with the company for 7 years and has shown exceptional dedication and commitment to the company’s growth and success. He has demonstrated a high level of expertise in his previous roles and possesses the necessary skills and experience to excel in this new position.

As company secretary, Eric will be responsible for ensuring compliance with ASIC requirements, maintaining accurate records, and advising the board on matters related to corporate governance. He will work closely with the management team and other key stakeholders to ensure the smooth functioning of the company.

We believe that Eric’s appointment as company secretary will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role and will be an asset to the company.

Please join us in congratulating Eric on his appointment as company secretary.

Yours sincerely,

David Li