High Titanium Resources and Technology Limited (“HTL”), formerly Queensland Industrial Minerals Ltd (“QIM”) is a public company that was established in 31st October 2002 specifically to develop Exploration Permit Minerals 13278. All necessary documents were lodged and accepted by ASIC with the aim of developing its mining tenement by:

  • Securing a mining lease in accordance with requirements specified under the Queensland Mining Act;
  • Developing a pilot plant for the provision of bulk samples to targeted customers;
  • Establishing off-take arrangements with customers for the initial mineral resources that the company plans to mine;
  • Bringing the project into full production.

The deposit consists of a combination of unconsolidated and hard rock resources, of which the eluvial component is uniformly distributed and is situated at, or near surface. Additional resources external to the boundaries of the proposed MLA will be secured at the appropriate time in the future.

Drilling and exploration to date has defined a resource of 204 million tonnes, in the unconsolidated section, with a recovered grade of 5% Ilmenite. Additionally the deposit contains: 20% High Alumina Feldspar, 0.8% Apatite and 30ppm Scandium. Other minerals shown to be present in the deposit include Zircon 0.2% and Rutile at 0.1%, with only 30% of the mineralised area having been drilled to date.

Project milestones to date include:

  • Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) has been completed
  • Environmental authority(EA) granted for ML80116 area
  • In excess of 400 drill holes completed
  • Unconsolidated reserve proved
  • Large hard rock resource identified
  • Significant magnetite mineralisation identified
  • Product markets identified
  • Mining development Licence granted
  • Mining Lease application submitted and in progress
  • Approval given to mine 50,000 tonnes bulk sample for project evaluation purposes
  • Flora & fauna studies completed
  • Cultural heritage studies completed
  • Cultural & Heritage Management Plan executed by traditional landowners
  • Transport study completed identifying two preferred routes
  • Socio-economic study completed
  • Preliminary engineering & metallurgical investigations completed