High Titanium Resources and Technology Limited (“HTL”), formerly Queensland Industrial Minerals Ltd (“QIM”), is a public company established on 31st October 2002 for the purpose of developing a mineralised area known as ‘Wateranga’ under Exploration Permit Minerals (“EPM”) 13278.

The Wateranga area contains significant quantities of high quality Ilmenite, Feldspar, Apatite and Zircon in an eluvial style deposit (unconsolidated) surrounding the ‘Wateranga Gabbro’. The Gabbro is approximately 5km wide by 6km long and is characterised by an outcrop some 1.6km long, 600m wide and 120m high.

The areas immediately surrounding the Gabbro contain large magnetic anomalies and limited drilling to date has indicated high grade ilmenite and magnetite mineralisation. Areas less than 15km to the north east include Mt Perry which had a long history of copper mining dating back to the 1870’s and the currently operating Mt. Rawdon Gold mine.

The “HTL” project area lies 80km south west of the city of Bundaberg in Queensland and comprises a ‘Central’, ‘South’ and ‘North’ area with the main focus of current development in the ‘Central’ area. The ‘Central’ area lies immediately adjacent to the Burnett River, within 8km of major power lines and only 40km from the Bruce Highway A1, the State’s main north-south highway.

Environmental Authority has been granted for Mining Lease ML80116 of central target area on 15 June 2015, and the project is moving to production stage.

Whilst the feasibility development phase of the Central unconsolidated area is underway, further drilling will continue on the ‘North’ area to categories this area as a resource under the JORC code. This area has a potential tonnage up to 5oMt , grading 4% – 8% ilmenite. ‘North’ area is also the major expansion target area of stage 2 of the project.

HTL develops steadily since the establishment of the company. Creating long-term shareholder value is always HTL’s priority. We are committed to working in ways that are consistent with our values of integrity, performance and teamwork. HTL board members believe that as Wateranga Project will gradually move into production stage from 2016-2017 financial year, HTL will become emerging force in the industrial minerals industry, with supplying Australian and International market ample amount of high quality industrial minerals in the following 30 to 40 years. Meanwhile to accomplish HTL’s ultimate mission that is to output long-term values to shareholders, employees and local communities.