Mr David (Jing Ze) Li – Chairman / Executive Director

Following the completion of a degree in commerce in China , Mr Li moved to Australia to complete further studies and develop business opportunities. He then established several businesses including a joint venture between an Australian company of which he is Managing Director and owner and a state owned firm in Shanghai China. This business has grown rapidly and diversified into several industries including manufacturing, trading, real estate and specifically  into the area of supplying minerals into the booming Chinese economy. Mr. Li was appointed to the HTL board in early 2007 and brings considerable marketing and management experience with him. During the last 10 years, Mr. Li always involved in drilling, environmental assessment, geological research, community cooperation and government application for HTL. He has made positive outcome and made great contributions to the company. Mr. Li’s practical knowledge has been widely recognized by his Australian counterparts. He has been appointed as a member of the Australian Geological Society. In addition, he is writing 《Technology and Practice of Ore Dressing》with his colleagues as the editor-in-chief. This book will be published by China Mining University Press. His company, Waranga Resources Pty Ltd holds a marketing agreement for a large proportion of the minerals that will be produced from the HTL project.

 Felix Cheung – Non Executive Director

Mr. Felix Cheung has high professional qualifications in commerce (major in accounting) and taxation both in China and Australia. He has extensive experiences of working in both professional practice and commerce environments.

He worked as an auditor for the Taxation Bureau in China, was responsible for the tax audits of large companies. Currently, he is a public accounting, taxation practitioner and senior business adviser in Australia. Mr. Cheung has over 28 years of experience in financial investment, management accounting and taxation in relation to senior business. He has been involved in the planning and implementing in connection with cross-border financing arrangements for large construction projects in China, and provided integrated business, financial investment and taxation advisory services to a number of large companies both in Australia and China. He also operates private companies, and was appointed as company director/ company secretary for several investment and finance companies.

His strong financial background, professional qualifications and extensive experiences of working with large Australian and Chinese companies, enables him to play an important role in the financial management and financing arrangement in our company.

Mr. Kuang Xiaoping – Non Executive Director

Mr. Kuang graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangxi University in 1977. After that, he went to Shenzhen University for further study of Business Management, Accounting and Law. He has engaged in mineral processing industry for over thirty years, including fifteen years’ experience as chief metallurgist in the world largest ilmenite producing area – Panzhihua in China. From 2006,he improved and optimized over thirty ilmenite plants in Panzhihua area. Mr.Kuang established his EPCM team in 2010 and then independently designed and constructed over 20 ilmenite processing plants in Southeast Asia, Africa and China, which all achieved design production capacity with low cost, high recovery rate and high grade products. Mr.Kuang’s professional expertise is applying his mature ilmenite processing technology to different mines with different geological conditions for optimal results. Mr.Kuang and his EPCM team engaged HTL in 2012, and then prepared a complete set of mineral processing design after several bulk sample testing and analysis. He was appointed as director of HTL in 2016.

Ian Mitchell – Company Secretary

Ian Mitchell is a practising solicitor of over 35 years standing. He is a Director and Company Secretary of a number of ASX listed and non-listed public companies. His experience as a Director and Company Secretary includes listed mining, exploration and industrial companies commencing from 1987.

His legal experience is in commercial, contract law and ASIC and ASX compliance.