A major raw material used in the manufacturing of titanium pigments and metals


A major Iron Ore mineral used as a feedstock for steel production. Also used as a heavy medium in the coal washing


Used in the ceramics and chemical industries, it is also, increasingly, being used in the manufacture of high strength alloy.


Mineral composed of silica, aluminium and alkali elements. Feldspar is mainly used in glass manufacturing



A natural source of phosphate for phosphoric fertilizers and animal feed. Demand for natural agricultural products


Is with the exception of diamond, the hardest mineral known and is used as a high quality abrasive



Is the most abundant of three naturally occurring forms of titanium dioxide. Commercially important titanium mineral


High Titanium Resources and Technology Limited (“HTL”), formerly Queensland Industrial Minerals Ltd (“QIM”), is a public company established on 31st October 2002 for developing a mineralized area known as ‘Wateranga’ under Exploration Permit Minerals (“EPM”) 13278.

The Wateranga project covers an area of approximately 8,038 hectares and is located approximately 80km southwest of Bundaberg, in south east Queensland. The focus of the current economic interest is an eluvial resource derived from weathered gabbro, which contains valuable minerals. The main focus of the project is ilmenite, but other potentially valuable minerals include feldspar , apatite, mica and zircon.

Mining Lease ML80116 of central target area has been granted in 2018, and the project is moving to production stage.

HTL develops steadily since the company established. Creating long-term shareholder value is always HTL’s priority. We commit to work in ways that are consistent with our values of integrity, performance and teamwork. HTL board members believe that as Wateranga Project will gradually move into production stage from 2021-2022 financial year, HTL will become emerging force in the industrial minerals industry, with supplying Australian and International market ample amount of high quality industrial minerals in the following 30 to 40 years. Meanwhile to accomplish HTL’s ultimate mission that is to output long-term values to shareholders, employees and local communities.



HTL AGM 2021 has concluded(08/03/2022)

HTL AGM 20120 has concluded on 25 Feb 2022. The Consolidated Financial Statement with audit report was circulated to all attendees before the commencement of the AGM. If you are shareholders of HTL an...

HTL 2021 AGM NOTICE(25/01/2022)

Dear Shareholders, HTL AGM 2021 Notice will be posted before Tuesday 25 February 2022, please note to check. AGM 2021 will be held at 10.00 am on Friday 25 February 2021 at the registered office of th...

Open Letter to Our Potential Investors (09/08/2021)

04/08/2021 Dear Investors, In the past 6-month HTL has engaged many different entities or individuals who are interested in investing in the company for the development of our mineral sand project kno...


Wide Bay Burnett Minerals Region Investment Prospectus Launch (13/09/2021)

The Wide Bay Burnett Minerals Region Investment Prospectus has been launched by Hon Scott Steward MP, Minister of Resources in the event on 6 September 2021.

Featuring HTL’s mineral sand project Wateranga as one of the most advanced project in the region, the Wide Bay Burnett Minerals Region Investment Prospectus has been prepared on behalf of the Wide Bay Burnett Resources Group, with the support of the Queensland Government through the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning along with Trade and Investment Queensland, the Wide Bay Burnett Regional Organisation of Councils, Regional Development Australia Wide Bay Burnett, and the Queensland Resources Council.

Submission of a progressive rehabilitation and closure plan (05/04/2021)

As part of final statutory process prior to the mining of Wateranga project, HTL has submitted progressive rehabilitation and closure plan (PRC plan) on 29 April 2021 to Department of Environment as requirement of mining activity relating to our mining lease ML80116 for the Central area tenement covering 1500 hectares.


Australia’s 2022 Critical Minerals Strategy will grow our critical minerals sector (12/04/2022)

Resources Minister Keith Pitt has announced funding to unlock potential of critical minerals sector:


A link to the Critical Minerals Strategy is below:

2022 Critical Minerals Strategy | Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

As part of Wateranga Project’s target minerals, titanium is listed as a critical mineral in the strategy, as well as scandium and zirconium.

lmenite market quick update (27/01/2022)

CIF price of imported 50% TiO2 ilmenite in China is still around USD400 per ton at the beginning of the year that has been stabilised for a while. According to the analysis of upstream and downstream industries, major price change is not expected in the near future.

Ilmenite market update (03/06/2021)

According to Titanium Market Weekly Report by Baiinfo.com, CIF price of imported 50% TiO2 ilmenite in China has reached U$340 to U$350 per ton. The price has been verified by HTL through our marketing team. With large demand from downstream and limited supply, the price is expected to be continuously and steadily increased in the following months.

Spot ilmenite CIF price in China (11/03/2021)

According to recent transaction of major pigment producers in China, CIF price of imported 50A quality ilmenite from Africa is between U$300 to U$330, that has been increased by roughly 30% since October 2020. With demand continues to grow and expectation of strong economic recovery in 2021, HTL believes ilmenite price will stay strong.






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