A major raw material used in the manufacturing of titanium pigments and metals


A major Iron Ore mineral used as a feedstock for steel production. Also used as a heavy medium in the coal washing


Used in the ceramics and chemical industries, it is also, increasingly, being used in the manufacture of high strength alloy.


Mineral composed of silica, aluminium and alkali elements. Feldspar is mainly used in glass manufacturing



A natural source of phosphate for phosphoric fertilizers and animal feed. Demand for natural agricultural products


Is with the exception of diamond, the hardest mineral known and is used as a high quality abrasive



Is the most abundant of three naturally occurring forms of titanium dioxide. Commercially important titanium mineral



High Titanium Resources and Technology Limited (“HTL”), formerly Queensland Industrial Minerals Ltd (“QIM”), is a public company established on 31st October 2002 for the purpose of developing a mineralised area known as “Wateranga” under Exploration Permit Minerals (“EPM”) 13278. The Wateranga area contains significant quantities of high quality Ilmenite, Feldspar, Apatite and Zircon in an eluvial style deposit (unconsolidated) surrounding the “Wateranga gabbro”. The Gabbro is approximately 5km wide by 6km long and is characterised by an outcrop some 1.6km long, 600m wide and 120m high.

HTL develops steadily since the establishment of the company. Creating long-term shareholder value is always HTL’s priority. We are committed to working in ways that are consistent with our values of integrity, performance and teamwork. HTL board members believe that as Wateranga project will gradually move into production stage from 2016-2017 financial year, HTL will become emerging force in industrial minerals industry, with supplying Australian and International market ample amount of high quality industrial minerals in the following 30 to 40 years. Meanwhile to accomplish HTL’s ultimate mission that is to output long-term values to shareholders, employees and local communities.




HTL 2018 AGM NOTICE (11/03/2019)

Dear Shareholders, HTL AGM 2018 Notice has been posted on Tuesday 05 February 2019, please note to check. AGM 2018 will be held at 10.00 am on Friday 29 March 2019 at The Cullen Room, Holme Building,...

ML 80116 Grant Notice (05/04/2018)

The Board of Directors of High Titanium Resources and Technology Ltd (HTL) and Queensland Industrial Minerals Pty Ltd (QIM) today is pleased to advise that the Mining Lease 80116 covering 1497 hectare...

EPM 13278 Renewal Approval (05/03/2018)

HTL is pleased to announce that the renewal and variation to retain all sub-blocks for EPM 13278 have been approved. The whole tenement of HTL will remain 77.6km2 with 14.97km2 of current mining lease...



High Titanium Resources and Technology Limited (“HTL”), formerly Queensland Industrial Minerals Ltd (“QIM”), is a public company that was established in 31st October 2002 specifically to develop Exploration Permit Minerals 13278. All necessary documents were lodged and accepted by ASIC with the aim of developing its mining tenement by:

  1. Securing a mining lease in accordance with requirements specified under the Queensland Mining Act;
  2. Developing a pilot plant for the provision of bulk samples to targeted customers;
  3. Establishing off-take arrangements with customers for the initial mineral resources that the company plans to mine;
  4. Bringing the project into full production.



Meeting with potential cornerstone investor(10/10/2019)

HTL held a friendly meeting with potential cornerstone investors. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions on project development strategies and directions, downstream markets, and cooperation models. The two sides will further establish the details of the cooperation, and strive to put the high-quality titanium resources of Wateranga into production and bring them to market as soon as possible.

HTL’s Marketing Director and Chief Representative of China has been appointed(09/07/2019)

Mr.Liu Kai has been appointed as HTL’s Marketing Director and Chief Representative of China to expand the company’s business in China region.

Kai Liu graduated from Ocean University of China in 1993, majoring in international economics. He is CEO and founder of multiple investment firms. His business success covers the area of mining, retail, real estate, transport, finance, and tourism in the last 20 years. He is specialized in international investment & trading, including successful investment in Australia, Africa and Asia. We expect his vast experience could benefit the company in overseas market.

Partnership with Industrial leading advisors(26/04/2019)

HTL is entering into production stage and currently undertaking all necessary preparation works. To achieve optimal outcomes from the Wateranga Project, HTL is establishing comprehensive cooperation with industrial leading advisors such as TZMI. HTL believes that maintaining good communication with the industry will contribute to the success of our commissioning and benefit the company in a long run.

New conveyer at the Port of Bundaberg has been funded(11/04/2019)

The government has committed $10 million to the construction of a multi-use conveyer at the Port of Bundaberg – which is the port that HTL will use for stockpiling & shipment of mineral products. The new conveyer will connect stockpile area and ship loading area. It is believed the new conveyer could greatly save loading time and cost for shipment.


Tight supplies of the mineral sand ilmenite has led to a second price increase in two weeks for the titanium dioxide feedstock. (23/09/2019)

Limited availability and restricted supplies are propelling concentrate prices up with steady demand for sulphate ilmenite in China and Europe, according to industry sources.

Shortage of imported ilmenite supply in China (24/07/2019)

Recently in China, the import of ilmenite market is still active, especially in the case of significant domestic inventory being consumed. However, most of the miners outside China still do not have much stock supply. On the hand, the spot is tight, and the demand in the international market is increasing, which leads to the scarcity of the amount going to China. On the other hand, due to environmental factors, most countries of miners have imposed export restrictions on ilmenite.

According to industrial website, India and Vietnam, the main suppliers of titanium ore in China, have not resumed normal supply to the Chinese market so far. Indian miners are still waiting for the government to lift the ban, and Vietnam’s export quota has been delayed.

In addition, the titanium mines in Kenya and Mozambique will not be available for sale in the near future, so they have not yet resumed their offer.

Supply-demand of global titanium raw material will not change in 2019 (05/02/2019)
Origin: RuidowTi

Recently, the world’s major titanium raw material producers have announced the production and operation in 2018, and made preliminary predictions on the market in 2019. After reviewing the reports of several companies, it was found that each company basically showed similar conditions, and this is also the general trend of the development of titanium raw materials market in 2018 & 2019.

In 2018, the output of major titanium raw material companies in the world has not increased, and the output of many producers has declined for various reasons. Among them, several companies have experienced the end of the mine life cycle. With the decrease of remaining reserves and rich ore content, the output of some mines in 2019 will continue to decline. The development of new mines and the extension of existing mines are still in progress, but it is impossible to compensate for the decline of production in 2019, which in turn will affect the global supply of titanium raw materials.

Ruidao believes that the high total imports of titanium concentrate in China in 2018 mainly reply on the low-quality titanium concentrate and middlings, and the supply of high-quality titanium concentrate and rutile is still relatively small. At present, the domestic market has initially reflected the trend of differentiation. It has shown that demand for high-grade raw materials is robust with firm prices and even rising. On contrast, low-quality raw materials are under sales pressure with slow sales and poor prices. Ruidao believes that this situation will continue or even further intensify in 2019.






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